5 Key Factors to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer takes time and dedication. Countless lawyers offer their services in the greater Birmingham area, and you’ll need to carefully review potential hires before choosing one.

Which lawyer should you choose? At The Harris Firm, we have helped hundreds of accident victims obtain financial settlements after suffering injuries in accidents. We know what skills are needed to bring a successful claim, so we highlight the 5 key factors to look for when shopping for a Birmingham personal injury attorney.

1. Personal Injury Experience

Anyone with a bar license in Alabama can represent a personal injury victim. However, lawyers tend to specialize in one or two fields. Each area of law has its own unique legal rules and recent cases. You want a lawyer who understands how to win accident cases.

Personal injury law is different from criminal law and different from trust and estates or divorce law. Personal injury cases are based on “torts,” such as negligence. Your lawyer should know this law inside and out so they can get the best result.

2. Direct Experience in Your Type of Accident

Personal injury law also has various specialties, such as car accidents, truck accidents, or premises defect cases. Your lawyer should not only have broad personal injury experience but relevant work in your specific type of accident.

If you were hurt in a slip and fall, ask the lawyer about recent slip and fall cases. Ask a lawyer about their recent car accident experience if you were injured in a car wreck.

3. Effective Communication Style

A good lawyer is an effective communicator. You can judge a lawyer’s communication style in a consultation where you discuss your accident and the strength of your legal claim.

A lawyer must adjust their communication style when addressing:

  • Clients
  • Opposing counsel or insurance adjusters
  • Judges
  • Jurors

Divorce lawyer & clientIf you can’t understand what your lawyer is saying, you can’t participate meaningfully in your case. During a consultation, ask yourself how comfortable you feel talking with the lawyer.

4.  Fair Contingency Fee Agreement

Personal injury lawyers in Birmingham work on contingency. A lawyer will agree to represent you without requiring upfront legal fees. Instead, you agree the lawyer can take a percentage of any amount they secure for your case. A typical fee agreement is for 33-40% of the settlement or court award. The amount will depend on how long it takes to resolve your case.

5. Litigation Experience

Most Birmingham personal injury cases settle without any need for a jury trial. Still, it’s helpful to have an experienced courtroom advocate on your team.

We often need to file a lawsuit to protect your rights before the statute of limitations expires. And some cases can’t be settled. The other side might deny any liability for your injuries, so our only choice is to head to court and make your case for financial compensation.

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