What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers provide incredible value to their clients. At The Harris Firm, we hear from accident victims regularly who are unsure if they want to hire a lawyer. They tend to think of personal injury attorneys as unnecessary expenses, and money might be tight, especially if their injuries keep them out of work. In this post, we dive in and look at what services a personal injury lawyer provides.

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Legal Analysts

Most of our clients call us after leaving the hospital. They were in an accident and wonder if they can receive compensation. We put on our legal scholar hat to answer that question.

First, we want to know what happened. Were you driving down the road when a truck hit you? Or did a product explode in your face?

Then we use our legal skill to analyze:

  • Who is at fault for your accident?
  • What other information or evidence you need to support your claim.
  • How much your injuries are worth.


Our lawyers can also find evidence to use in your case. To receive compensation, you need to prove who is at fault for your injuries. In a car accident, that means identifying who is to blame for the collision.

We aren’t afraid to dig in and find evidence no one else did:

  • Witnesses to your accident
  • Video from nearby businesses which might have captured the accident
  • Physical evidence at the scene
  • Prior lawsuits involving the defendant, which show a history of negligent conduct
  • Other evidence


attorney filling out reports

One advantage of hiring a lawyer is that we will handle all communications for you. That means filling out forms with insurance companies, providing them information, and answering their questions. You shouldn’t be bothered with any of this. Instead, you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery, which are full-time jobs.

Insurance adjusters are known for bothering claimants with endless calls and peppering them with questions. We act as your gatekeeper so you can enjoy peace of mind.


Once we know how your accident happened, we can negotiate for a settlement. Usually, the defendant’s insurer is on the other side.

Negotiation has advantages, e.g., you can receive money faster than if we go to trial. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of work. Most defendants offer little upfront in their initial settlement proposal. Instead, we need to convince them to increase the amount of compensation offered.


The Harris Firm is willing and able to file a lawsuit in court before the statutory deadline. We’ll also litigate to a jury trial, if necessary.

Harris Firm Attorneys

 Some defendants simply won’t budge, either because they believe you are to blame for your accident, or they don’t believe you are seriously injured.

In those rare cases, we might need to present your case to an Alabama jury.

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