Camp Lejune Lawsuits

What are the Camp Lejeune lawsuits and how do I know if I can join it? Camp Lejeune is a marine corps base camp in Jacksonville, North Carolina. At the camp, there are various training exercises that take place, many of which are in the water where the marines train for amphibious assaults. Camp Lejeune has recently become the basis for a toxic tort lawsuit due to injuries caused by contaminants in the drinking water at the marine base. This lawsuit began when people were able to trace their illnesses to the contaminated drinking water.  Camp Lejune Lawsuits

Experts have concluded that there was about a 30 year period where the drinking water was contaminated at Camp Lejeune. This time span is from 1953-1987. Since the water was contaminated for such a long period of time, there have been many people who have been affected by this. This was the major cause of this injury lawsuit, where people are now aware of the dangerous environment they were exposed to. Now that people are aware of the contaminated drinking water, they are able to link their illnesses to their exposure from Camp Lejeune which is leading many to become a part of this lawsuit. 

There are many marines that are coming forward now with illnesses. However, it is not only the marines that were exposed, family members of the marines were also exposed to the poisonous water. Along with family members, other people who worked on the grounds such as contractors have also suffered from illnesses due to their exposure. Experts are currently estimating that there are somewhere around a million people that have been exposed to this contaminated water and may be affected in some way. This leaves Camp Lejeune with a very hefty lawsuit on their hands. 

The way that the lawsuit began was when marines began getting sick. All of the marines were treated by the VA and they started to see a trend in the illnesses that the marines had. Many of the marines began developing certain types of cancer such as lymphoma and leukemia. 

If you were at Camp Lejune anytime from 1953-1978 for at least 30 days then you may have a possible claim if you have suffered any type of injury due to your exposure. If you have been diagnosed with one of the illnesses that have been designated as one of the illnesses due to the exposure, you may be entitled to free medical care and damages. If you think that you were there during the time period in question then you should consult a doctor and then consider reaching out to an Alabama personal injury attorney to ensure that you get the treatment that is needed. 

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