Can I Sue a Daycare Facility if my Child is Injured While in Their Care

If your child is seriously injured while in the care of a daycare facility, you may be entitled to bring suit in order to recover damages sustained. If a child was injured due to the negligent care of the daycare facility then you may have a successful claim against the daycare facility. Daycares are supposed to be a place where you can leave your child with peace of mind knowing that they will be safe and taken care of. However, that is not always the case.  Can I Sue Daycare Facility if child is injured

There are many instances all across the country where children are seriously injured due to the negligent care of daycare facilities. It can be the daycare facility as a whole that is negligent or it could be just one staff member who is negligent. Either way if your child has sustained serious injury due to the negligent care of a daycare facility, then you should consult an experienced negligence attorney. 

There are a number of ways that your child may sustain injuries due to a daycare’s negligence. One of the most common ways that children are injured at daycare facilities is due to the simple fact that the children are not being looked after with proper supervision. When children are at a young age, they require a higher level of care and supervision. A daycare’s failure to provide this level of supervision can result in a breach of their duty of care leaving you with a possible lawsuit. Another common issue with daycare facilities occurs when a day care is caring for a large number of children but they do not have enough staff to look after the children. This increases the risk that a child will sustain an injury because the ratio of the staff to the children is not proper. 

Another common issue that is seen with day care facility care is when the staff fails to keep a safe environment for the children. This includes allowing the children to have access to toys or other objects that could be dangerous for the children. Injuries often occur on playgrounds or outside equipment such as slides, and swings. If a swing is defective or dangerous and a child is seriously injured as a result of using that swing, the parent would have a good cause of action for a lawsuit.

In conclusion there are a number of ways that a child could be injured at a daycare facility. This ranges from poor supervision, to unsafe premises where the children are kept. All of these examples would have the potential for a child injury lawsuit in Alabama.

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