Why do Injury Lawsuits Often Settle on the Courthouse Steps

Why do injury lawsuits settle on the courthouse steps? There are many different types of injury lawsuits in Alabama. One of the more common injury lawsuits arises from car accidents. Every year millions of people are injured in car accidents. These accidents include cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians. As a result of an injury resulting from a car accident, the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation. A local personal injury attorney will protect your rights and through an injury lawsuit. Injury Lawsuits Settle at Courthouse

Another common injury lawsuit is a wrongful death suit. This type of lawsuit arises when someone has been killed due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Many wrongful death suits are a result of car and truck accidents, nursing home neglect, construction accidents or the use of a defective or dangerous product. This type of lawsuit allows for the recovery of damages that are different from those available when someone suffers a nonfatal injury. Workplace accidents are another common form of injury lawsuits. This occurs when someone is injured or killed while working for their employer. Premise liability is also another common form of injury lawsuit in Alabama. This type of lawsuit refers to accidents caused by dangerous or defective conditions on someone’s land or property. This type of accident can occur almost anywhere such as department stores or grocery stores or even a neighbor’s home.

In Alabama, an injury lawsuit is settled through a legal agreement between the parties. Each injury lawsuit is different depending on the facts of the case. The settlement process in Alabama begins when one party makes an offer to settle. The plaintiff can begin the settlement process by sending a demand letter. The demand letter is a document that details the facts of the case including specific facts regarding the accident and the injuries that were sustained.

Generally the defendant’s insurance company will start the negotiations by making a settlement offer. The negotiation process varies depending on the severity of the accident. The process can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. However, the process generally lasts a few months. Once the negotiations are complete, the plaintiff will accept a settlement offer and sign and file paperwork. This will then release all claims against the defendant.

There are many factors that determine the value of injury lawsuits in Alabama. The main factor being the severity of the accident. Injuries that affect a person’s ability to earn income tend to be more valuable than those that do not. There are many reasons why settlement may be a good option. Settlements help to avoid the uncertainty you face when you take a case to trial.

Settlements are also much quicker than going to court. This helps by cutting out the need to prepare for months to go to trial. An experienced injury attorney can help you evaluate your case to ensure that you receive an adequate settlement. A local  attorney can also help by negotiating with the other attorney to get a timely settlement.

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