Can I Sue for Slipping and Falling in a Walmart

Walmart has over 4,000 stores in the United States, serving millions of customers each year. With these numbers, it stands to reason that slip and fall injuries will happen in Walmart stores at an equal, if not greater number, than other department and big box stores. Slip and fall injuries are caused by several conditions, and if the stores have created these conditions through sloppiness or neglect, then injured parties are eligible for compensation. Walmart, as a property owner, has the legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its property and can be liable for keeping unsafe premises. If you find yourself in a position where you have been injured in one of their stores, take note of the contexts, causes, and the nature of injuries outlined in this article.  Slip and Fall in Walmart

Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries in Big Box Stores like Walmart

As previously mentioned, a number of conditions in the store can lead to slip and fall injuries. These conditions include

  • Liquid on the floor. And since Walmart stores sell groceries and drinks this increases the risk of injuries.
  • Trash and debris that falls from shelves or out of trash cans.
  • Newly mopped or waxed floors.
  • Loose tiles and distressed carpets.
  • Ice or other liquid buildup in the parking lot. 

Notice that these conditions can appear both in the store and in the parking lot. That is because Walmart is responsible for both areas. 

Types of Injuries that Result from Slip and Fall Incidents

Looking at the causes of the injuries is difficult enough, since we can easily recall seeing those conditions, but understanding the exact types of injuries that can result is even more difficult to process. With slip and fall injuries, one can expect to suffer from neck and back injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, soft tissue damage, and more. 

What You Should Do When You Have Been Injured

If your mobility has not been severely inhibited, find an employee, supervisor, and store manager to report your accident. Be as specific as possible, marking the conditions that caused you to slip or fall. They will file an accident report, and you should make sure to ask for a copy. You will also want to ask for copies of surveillance cameras if your accident was recorded. Stores will typically delete footage after 24 hours, so be mindful of that.

Again, if your movements are not severely inhibited, you should try to collect evidence while you are still at the store. Take pictures of the area where you fell, marking the exact cause of your fall before it gets cleaned up. See if there are any eyewitnesses who can support your account of events. Keep your clothes and shoes unwashed in the off chance that they have evidence on them, like floor wax residue. 

From there you should go to the hospital, especially if you notice severe pain or an obvious injury. Sometimes your injuries will have delayed symptoms that you will not notice right away, but a doctor’s examination will be able to determine the extent of your injuries.

Filing an Insurance Claim and Consulting with a Slip and Fall Attorney

When the time comes to file a claim, reach out to the Walmart Claim Department, their number is usually on this website. If you need assistance filing the claim you should contact an injury attorney in Birmingham that specializes in slip and fall injuries.

Walmart will try to save as much money as possible when dealing with your claim, throwing up several obstacles in your path. But if you have followed the steps in the previous section, bring your evidence to a slip and fall attorney to get an ally on your side.

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