What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Motor vehicle wrecks are reported every day in our region. According to data from the Alabama Department of Transportation, there were 159,102 car crashes in the state in 2019 alone. Approximately 30 percent of these accidents resulted in at least one confirmed injury. You have a right to bring a claim after a crash to seek compensation for your damages.

Unfortunately, insurance companies can make the claims process difficult on people and families. You need a top-tier lawyer on your side. Within this article, our Alabama auto accident attorney highlights four key things that your lawyer will do to protect your rights and your interests after a bad crash.

  1. Investigate the Crash (Gather Evidence of Liability and Damages): A car crash lawyer can help you in the immediate aftermath of a wreck. First and foremost, your attorney will thoroughly investigate the collision. Along with other things, this involves obtaining the police report, reviewing photographs, and speaking to eyewitnesses. Your Alabama auto accident lawyer may also work with accident reconstruction experts to build a clear picture of what happened and who is at fault. Beyond that, your lawyer will gather evidence to prove your damages.
  2. Determine the Value of Your Case and Develop a Strategy: Determining the value of your case involves a comprehensive understanding of both the immediate and long-term impacts of the accident. Examples include medical expenses, lost wages, future medical treatment, and pain and suffering. Your Alabama car accident lawyer will assess all these factors to arrive at a fair valuation of your claim.
  3. Represent You in Settlement Negotiations With the Insurance Company: Armed with evidence and a well-calculated case value, your top-rated Alabama car accident lawyer will represent you in settlement negotiations with the insurance company. Their goal is to ensure that you receive fair compensation without being lowballed by the insurance company. An attorney who is skilled in negotiation will know how to present evidence and argue your case effectively to insurance adjusters. Most personal injury claims are settled outside of court.
  4. File a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit (If Needed to Get Justice): If settlement negotiations do not result in a fair offer, your Alabama auto accident lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. It is a step that may be taken to pursue justice and appropriate compensation through the court system when needed. Filing a lawsuit involves preparing legal documents, presenting the case in court, and managing all the procedural requirements. Litigation is necessary in a relatively small share of car accident injury claims.

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