Can I Sue a Nursing Home if they mistreat My Mother

Can I sue a nursing home if they mistreat my mother who has Alzheimers? Generally if a family member has been injured because of nursing home abuse, neglect, or mistreatment then you may be entitled to bring suit. In order to bring suit you will need to consult a nursing home neglect lawyer. Nursing home neglect and abuse is alarmingly common and is a concerning issue throughout the county. In many cases the patients are neglected and are not given the standard of care that is needed. This neglect often leads to serious injury, and in extreme instances even wrongful deathSuing Nursing Home for Negligence

There a variety of different types of elder abuse including physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and simple neglect. Physical abuse can take many forms such as unreasonable physical restraints, assault and battery. One of the more common forms of elder abuse is unreasonable use of physical restraints, and this is often not intentional. This happens so often because many patients in nursing homes use medical devices and equipment to help them with their everyday movements. Devices such as straps, vests, wheelchair bars and even bedside rails can be a cause of unreasonable physical restraints. This can occur just from tightening a strap too tightly or even from having sheets tucked in too tight on the bed. 

Elder abuse is not always physical, it is often emotional or psychological. This is when any pain or anguish is inflicted onto the patients. This happens often through simple verbal abuse. This takes the form of threats, intimidation, screaming at patients, harassment and humiliation. This is such a pressing issue because many of the patients in nursing homes are disabled in some way and very seldom able to stand up for themselves or prevent the abuse. It makes for a very sad situation. That is why it is so important to look for signs of elder abuse or neglect if you have a loved one that is in a nursing home. If you think that a loved one is being neglected or abused in anyways, it is important to report the abuse or neglect as soon as possible. You can report the allegation of neglect or abuse to the nursing home owners or administrators, or if the abuse is serious enough then you should reach out to the local police. The next step would be to contact a nursing home negligence lawyer

In conclusion, yes you may be entitled to sue a nursing home for damages if they have neglected, mistreated, or abused a family member. You will need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney in Alabama.

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